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The thali dance is prevalent in Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi and Odissi. Sitara Devi and his sister Alokananda popularize it in Kathak but now has becoming defunct. Keya deserves praise for reviving the thali dance tradition in Kathak again.

Keya Chanda, one of India 's best-known Kathak performers, appeared at the Hanoi Opera House and the Culture Palace in Hoa Binh Province . The performance was part of the Viet Nam-India culture exchange programme 2003.

The high point of her programme came at the end when Keya got into a Thali and executed flawless parans, ladis and sawal-jawab. This aspect of Kathak one had last seen Sitara Devi performs over 16 years ago. Good for Keya that she has been able to re-include it in the Kathak repertoire.

Keya Chanda has acquired all the requisites to dance on a professional forum and under the tutelage of Rani Karna, the danseuse has emerged very promising indeed. She has a pleasing stage presence. Her large expressive eyes help in conveying variegated nuances of Kathak with apposite intensity.

Gifted with a lissome body and pretty face, Keya enjoys the natural advantage of winsome stage presence. This in combination with her excellent grasp over the technique, made Keya's recital and absorbing experience. -- The Telegraph

Kathak danseuse Keya Chanda's Movements, her Chakkars, Thaat, Taraana, Swift Footwork all revealed the mastery of her technique.--The Times of India

The dance drama, Jibanjantra-natey Drug, was a meaningful investigation of the Problem of drug abuse. The script, conception and choreography of Keya Chanda sought to arouse an awareness in the minds of the audience of this pernicious evil. Keya Chanda has ingeniously utilised the dynamic features of Kathak to illustrate the problems of addiction.
Keya depicted the dramatic elements of the story with a blend of pure dance (nritta) and expressive dance (nritya). -- The Statesman, Feb 01,2002

Besides the elements of pure dance, Chanda also presented numbers to prove her mimetic credentials. The episode of Kaliyadaman proved her familiarity with the idiom. -- The Telegraph

Keya Chanda has done what many others could not. A student of Bachal Lal Mishra, she has been taking long strides in the field of Kathak. Keeping the language, vocabulary and idiom of Kathak intact, she has devised varied themes. At a recent performance at Gyan Manch one get to see her both as a talented teacher and performer.-- The Statesman

Keya Chanda: Spandan and Shinjini presented Keya Chanda and her group in an absorbing Kathak programme at the G.D. Birla Sabhagar. -- The Statesman.